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Free! January 7, 2009

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I did it!  We did it!

I pulled Bailey out of school.  It is still against her father’s wishes, but I tried my best to communicate with him.  The e-mail I sent him went unanswered, and I asked him about it when he got to town for xmas.  He said he didn’t receive it, so I gave him a heads up about it’s content, asked him to look for it, and told him I’d like for us to go for coffee to discuss it further.  And then I never heard from him again except for when he visited briefly with Bailey, and he never brought it up.  I coulda/shoulda brought it up myself I suppose, but I am tired of being the one pushing for open dialogue. 

The two weeks she spent at home for xmas break were so relaxing, and it was so nice to have her around all the time.  We got through a bout of head lice just days before xmas (sob) but learned all about the louse’s life cycle in the process. 

Bailey got a hamster from us for xmas.  We picked her up a few days after xmas, and Bailey named her Brownie…she’s black.  She is the tamest, most social hamster I have ever seen!  She sleeps in Bailey’s hands and in her shirt pocket.  She perks up when we come near her cage, and appears to like us for more than our ability to provide food.

I have started a sister blog,  So… what do you DO all day? where I plan to keep a record of what Bailey and I do on this new unschooling adventure.  I’m doing it partly because I think it will be interesting to look back on all we’ve done, and partly so I have a record to save my ass on the off chance that Bailey’s father decides to take action against me. . . which given his past is highly unlikely.

In other news, I’ll be home with Bailey full-time now.  As I’ve mentioned before I am pregnant and due in May.  I wasn’t planning to go on maternity leave until April, but on New Year’s Eve I started having Braxton-Hicks contractions that lasted well over an hour, and weren’t relieved by anything.  After a few days, my midwife told me that I likely have an irritable uterus, and that it would be best if I quit work early.  I’m not on bed rest… just rest, lol.  My boss has been much more understanding than I thought he would be, especially considering I am giving him next to no notice, and he doesn’t have the staff available to cover my shifts.  I work one more shift, for 6 hours tomorrow and then I, too, will be free!

We are trying not to worry about the financial impact this will have on our family.  I firmly believe that all will be okay.  Ever since I saw The Secret  I have been exploring the possibilities of positive thinking and visualization.  Amazing things have already happened, so I just need to keep believing.

In closing, I want to revise something I said in my last post: “The teachers she’s had have been very kind, reasonable, gentle, understanding, and motivated to do their very best.  But they all share the point of view that children belong in school, that you need to externally motivate children or else they’ll never learn, and that it is society’s duty to prepare children for the “real world,” which to them means university, a career, marriage, and the inevitability of taxes and death.”  I shouldn’t have said that they all share a certain point of view.  My best friend in the whole world is a teacher and I certainly don’t presume to know exactly what she believes about education.  This has been bugging me since I re-read my last post, so I wanted to acknowledge it.


2 Responses to “Free!”

  1. Sandra Dodd Says:

    Bedrest and unschooling can meet in watching movies with your daughter! There are lots of unschoolers’ movie ideas and suggestions for mixing it up here:

    I don’t know if the link will come out automatically, so I’m going to do it another way too.

  2. keekahoney Says:

    How exciting that my first commenter is someone whose blog I have been following (lurking at) for quite awhile now! Thanks for the links! It helps that I work(ed) in a video store and can still rent for free!

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